The Brokpas- The Pure Aryans?

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

About 160 kms North- west of Leh and across the LOC along the winding mountain ranges of the Himalayas are the 4 villages of Dha, Dharchik, Hanu and Gahanu. Here lives the Brokpa community also popularly called ‘Dard’ . This community is arguably one of the most intriguing subjects of the Himalyan Terrain. Special permits are needed to explore the interior locations.

Ethnically, the Brokpas have different appearance. Visually they are exotic both because of their physical features and because of their dress code. The facial features differ from the Tibeto Mongol features found in this terrain. Brokpas are taller, fairer, have high cheekbones, flawless skin and almond eyes. They dress up flamboyant and colorful.

Brokpa woman in headgear
A beautiful Brokpa woman sporting her headgear

The women of the community wear intricate headgears adorned with flowers. This is called the ‘Tepi’. Adorned with the main orange flower called ‘ Monthu Tho’ – an exotic flower of the region. The headgear is believed to ward evil eye. The Headgear is further adorned with colorful ribbons and layers of coins stitched together, adding to the gleam. The headgears are worn even when they work in fields.

Brokpas and their colorful headgear
The woman's headgear is flamboyant and colorful

Aryan tepi
The headgear i