Landscapes: Pictures with a soul

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

The section on landscapes has perhaps been the most challenging for project India in Frames.

Navtej's keen eye and the ability to capture meaningful pictures spoke for itself in every other section. However landscapes was specially difficult from my point of view . I tried to subdivide the pictures into related sections and display a glimpse of these corners of the country, but at the end thats what they remained - a mere glimpse! The treasure of these pictures is so much larger, the beauty and variety much more profound than a glimpse can ever showcase .

And that makes curating the pictures supremely challenging.

These pictures have been captured over many miles and years of travel. Some remote corners of the country and some popular ones but what stands out is the symphony of colors , breathtaking visuals ; the apparent ability of nature to surpass any benchmark of beauty.

Each picture a transient moment captured through meaningful angles and transporting the viewer to what the photographer sees.

His camera has lent these pictures a soul.

Many of the pictures from these sections have been noted by Natural Geographic and that made my task as the website designer arduous. There isn't a picture worth skipping , there isn't a picture that doesn't talk to me and there isn't a picture that has any less might than the other ...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I feel speechless looking at the view of my country through his camera.

Nothing will ever be the same again. Time moves, sceneries change ,topography evolves - yet here are these captured moments , a once in a lifetime phenomena preserved forever.

I can only hope you find yourself transported to these places and momentarily lost yet connected to the soul & beauty of the pictures , this land and this country !