Elephants of Amber fort : Photo journey

A set of images that have managed to gain attention is the one I shot at Amber fort in Jaipur. The elephant entering the royal courtyard and the shadow appearing on the ground along with the dome of the gate . An early morning shot against the winter sun .

Jaipur is one of the most visited tourist spots and if you, like me are interested in getting some close up shots of this royal ride , here are few tips! Follow my photo journey around the country.

1. Winter sun : The light during winter is camera friendly and renders outstanding silhouette. Jaipur is busy during the winter months but far more pleasant than the hot summer the desert witnesses. Try scheduling the tour between Nov - Feb

2. Reach early: Amber fort has 102 elephants that start the steep walk upto the top courtyard. By 9:00 am most elephants will start this walk and finish it by 11:00 am . I recommend getting there by 8:00 to capture the terrain and the start of the walking path. This image was that of the first elephant entering the courtyard.

3. Do not ride the elephants. One of the best ways of capturing this royal animal is to take the shots from the ground or reach up at an altitude before the caravan does. You will find enough elevated points that you will be able to use as vantage points.

4. Courtyard : Reach the courtyard before the entry of the elephants. That would ensure you will beat the crowd and the smell - both ! Take the little hike up to this place .

5. Watch out for the monkey menace : don't be surprised to see a herd of monkeys at every nook of this fort .

6. And while you are here, do manage to catch a glimpse of the snake charmers just before you exit the fort. This fort is one of the few places the practice is allowed legally.

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