Gujrat, India 

The Human Oasis

 " To me this is about preserving history and making it available to everyone "

Sergey Brin

Flower Arrangement 5

Technology and development has changed the appearance of many cities. High paced digital age has altered customs and age old institutions - the human touch is quickly fading away. 

In the parched desert of Rajasthan and occasionally in urban cities such as Jaipur, it isn't uncommon to see many human manned 'water drinking sources' called 'Piao' - A kind soul, waiting to serve free and fresh drinking water to a thirsty passerby. Located at certain high traffic junctions with a plethora of thirsty travelers, these Piao's are the only source of drinking water.

The desert is specially harsh on those who brave distance and sun , and the 'Piao' is the oasis in that vast desert. 

Most water sources are now mechanized  but even in present day, nestled in various spots around the city, one can see the human run 'Piao'.

The 'Piao' is a run for community service .There are specifics on the person who manages the Piao operation. Only a person whose belongs to  Kumawat, Saini or Misra caste can be considered. Additionally he needs to be a 'zarooratmand' -someone in need of money or employment.  Monthly wages are paid to the operator.

The Piao not only serves a very noble purpose but also is a part of the fast evolving landscape.