Daboo- Mud Resist printing

An unique hand craft from the state of Rajasthan.

Exquisite, laborious and environment friendly



Last stop Sunderbans: My journey from Kolkata in photographs

Jharkhali, India
Kolkata in July is out of movies . Rain filled clouds lurking, teasing, filling the city with humidity that makes the soul ache for that first rain. And when the rain arrives, the city changes structure, rain filled ways, folded jeans , slushy markets, busy walkers, rushing to some place , a cloud of umbrellas arrive.

Making of the Divine. Kumartuli photo tour 

Kolkata , India
Is there a movie, a documentary or a book that cites this city of joy but doesn't talk about Kumartuli? Yes , Kumartuli - where God's come alive!
In many ways Kumartuli is integral part of Kolkata or lets just say that Kolkata cannot have its complete identity without this place.

My journey with the Rabaris of Gujarat

Gujarat , India
Against the arid land of Gujarat , the sharp contrast of their colorful dresses, gold jewelry, the riveting lifestyle , the Rabaris are strikingly picturesque. Enamored by the preservation of traditional lifestyle ,culture and social practices , I have now visited this region multiple times and always found it  brimming with character and legends.