Life in the Thar Desert

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The Thar Desert

Thar desert In India is spread over 58000 sq miles. It also houses the natural border between India and Pakistan.  Thar is the 17th largest and the most widely populated desert in the world. The main occupation of people in this area is agriculture and animal husbandry. Thar is known for its colorful rich culture and traditions, folk music , folk poetry , arts and the many nomadic tribes .

Thar is fascinating; it has parts of arid land that is very dry and part semi desert with fewer sand dunes. Such diverse land and ecosystem houses fascinating flora and fauna that is in sharp contrast with other deserts. Animal and bird species that are rare are found in Thar, such as Great Indian Bustard, the Blackbuck and the “.Indian wild Ass”


Parts of Thar is are fascinating to the tourists and they are unquestionably smitten by the beauty of sand, sun and dunes. However for the purpose of my pictures I have captured Thar in the most natural setting, life as seen in the heart of Thar!