India In Frames, is a journey through fine art photography of the many nooks and places,  and culture  of India. 

Our projects include culture, history , fading arts, landscapes, tribes & traditions captured over many years and narrated through through India In frames. It is thus an assimilation of photography , Stories and travel .


Do you have a  photograph that speaks a million words?  One that narrates a piece of story of this country? Do write to us and we will love to feature it !


Navtej Singh

(Natty Singh)

Navtej Singh is the  photographer for India In Frames. Navtej has loves photography and is an avid traveler. 

 His work has been featured in the  Serendipity art festival , The Condenast magazine and National geographic. 

He lives in Delhi, India 

Amita Ambwani

Amita Ambwani ideated the concept of India In Frames. 

She has curated the photographs, subjects and content .  Amita is the author of the photo essays and picture narratives.

She currently lives in New York and owns India in Frames LLC